12 Fresh Ideas To Base Your History Dissertation Topic On

If an essay or a dissertation topic is chosen diligently, it can make huge difference. Not only grade improves but you experience great turning point in your career too.

These topics were and will always bring glare of publicity due to associated facts and fictions with it. Some topics are highly striking and have created excellent History topics.

What are those 12 benchmark History dissertation topics you can rely on?

  1. Discuss the atrocities of Hitler. Throw light on his existence as how he tortured political prisoners after imprisoning them. How he ruled? Why his name is on everybody’s tongue. Talk about those infinite incidences that created the massacre and how his dictatorship created terror in the society. How he brutally killed people by burning them alive.

  2. America is termed as the land of opportunities since ancient era? How it multiplied business and improved the lives of various countrymen sitting in different parts of country. Talk about America’s commerce with other countries? Who were majorly influenced?

  3. “United States is a supreme power” Should it take account of weaker countries or under- developed countries? Why, why not? What would happen if it will act as a world policeman and will spread democracy across the globe?

  4. How Vietnam War was right? Why it is termed as second Indo-China war or Resistance War against America? Discuss the involvement of other countries too like People’s Republic of China, South Union, North Korea, Cuba, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Canada and Taiwan.

  5. How America’s culture was greatly influenced by Puritanism?

  6. How safe people are in the today’s era? Discuss the threat of terrorism as how it is a question mark on our existence. Give at least 25 most prominent and threatening terrorism attacks happened in history?

  7. How Americans could have maintained their neutrality during the period of World War II? Which pre-war events lead to this heinous war? Discuss the course of war, its aftermath, causalities, and its effects on occupations, production, concentration camps, genocides and slave labor?

  8. The war of Anglo- Zanzibar was for 38 minutes only. Write an essay on this war that took place in 1896 for shortest duration and created a benchmark.

  9. What is communal ideology? State some of the top reasons because of which this ideology could not survive in Russia?

  10. How AIDS came into existence for the first time and started spreading globally?

  11. Why Hitler in 1938 was called as the man of the year?

  12. Arab numerals were the invention of Hindus and not the Arabians- How true this fact is?