Crafting A Winning Undergraduate Dissertation In Criminology

Producing a decent dissertation takes a good amount of planning, organization, extensive research and good presentation. Students of criminology have an extra task of completing their assignments by working on topics such as prisoners’ rights and duties, domestic violence, arsons, serial killers and brutality which be often emotionally and mentally demanding on them. Taking the help of the few simple tips, such students would be able to complete their work in time in good shape and form.

  • Choose current topics for your dissertation
  • Choose a topic the world is currently facing, such as terrorism and internal uprisings in countries the world. Give details on the cause and consequences of these organizations and how they could be prevented in future. Note down important points, taking help from the Internet, television or the newspaper.

  • Touch on people’s lives directly
  • While writing your dissertation, it is important to include statements of those victim who have faced the attack. You might be able to see the thin line between law enforcement and criminology, and see the effects of the enactment of certain laws. If you prepare a project on those who are aggrieved by these attacks, make it people-centered so that they feel inspired.

  • Check your library
  • Go through your library and ask your librarian if needed about any books available on criminology or similar theses. Search for past genuine research papers on the topics you want to use and avoid textbook examples. Begin your work with the most recent paper as that is more relevant to today’s world than a paper ten years old.

  • Explore university websites
  • Your university website may have several assisting material for criminology students, sometimes including a sample proposal and electronic versions of dissertations. Have a look at your Research Cell as well, as it might have projects from the past years for future help. You can also search up online for dissertation ideas if you are in need of a topic. Refine your search by using (site: .edu or site: .gov) so that only creditable and reliable examples are offered to you.

  • Take help from a senior student
  • Keep a friendly relationship with your seniors beforehand, and ask them to have a look at their dissertation. Explain that you are not going to plagiarize and keep a note of what is needed to be done. This is a fast and simple way to see what is actually expected of you in your dissertation.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, it will be very easy for you to create a proper dissertation in almost no time. Start working on your dissertation beforehand to avoid any stress and give as many examples as you can to keep your assignment original and informative.