List Of Unique MBA Dissertation Topics In Project Management

Interested in creating an MBA dissertation project where the topic is about project management? Then it will make sense to digest this article as inside you’ll find some pointers on how to get this done the right way. If you have struggled on such projects in the past then it is even more important to take the advice here into account during your next attempt. You might find that it makes all the difference in your process. so without further delay here is a list of MBA dissertation topics that you can tackle related to project management:

  • What are the key ingredients to ensuring that a project is managed successfully?
  • What can be done to improve the level of efficiency that you might portray in a project management scenario?
  • How can software be implemented to improve project management?
  • What new technologies improve the level of project management success?
  • How can an individual do more to help their project manager?
  • Do you feel that project management is not as hard it is for some people?
  • What are the secrets to ensuring a project manager uses the correct technology?
  • What are the top myths related to project management?
  • Do you feel that the project management role will become easier in the future as technology improves?
  • What can be done to help ease the burden of project management?
  • What apps can help a project manager?
  • What are the key qualities in a person that can make them a great project manager?
  • How can a timeline for a project be created?
  • What are the worst qualities to have in a potential project manager?
  • Give three case studies where project management was a complete success
  • Give 3 case studies where project management was not successful
  • What are the best courses to take in college to become a great project manager?

The impressive array of project titles above for your next dissertation gives you a lot of food for thought. So take the time to go through the list carefully and you should end up with a title that makes sense for you. Just remember that once your project starts it would be unwise to change your project as that will ultimately waste a lot of time.