A Simple Algorithm For Creating A Strong Dissertation Introduction

An algorithm can be defined as a formula or a series of steps for solving a problem or completing a task. It solves things systematically or provides a method for doing so. A dissertation is a lengthy paper in which you attempt to prove a hypothesis. It is a requirement for a person who is seeking their Phd or doctorate in his or her field of study. The beginning paragraph needs to clearly state what is to be proven, how it is to be proven, and it needs to grab the audience’s attention. Keep in mind that this paper has to be approved and has to be argued before a person can be awarded the PhD.

Because this is the most important paper of your academic career, it needs to be perfect. This is why an algorithm is absolutely necessary for the beginning paragraph, as well as the rest of the piece. Use our simple algorithm for creating a strong dissertation introduction.

Our Formula for Success

  • Be clear and precise-if the reader can’t understand what you have written in the first part of the paper, he or she may quickly lose interest. Make it simple and very clear.
  • Shows knowledge-the paragraph should be accurate and show an in depth knowledge of your field of study. It should also indicate that you are aware of the history of your subject/field, as well as any new developments in the field.
  • Last-the introduction may actually be the last part that you write, as you may make changes and adjustments as you progress through your research steps. It will have changes and updates before it is finalized. Do not worry if this is the last thing that you compose.
  • Rationale-it will tell the rationale for your entire piece. This is very important and can’t be omitted. It will also tell how the piece will give or contribute to an understanding of your entire topic.
  • Map it out-map out a rough draft and then take it to your academic advisor. The two of you can then polish it together for perfection. Try to keep your citations at a minimum in this section of your piece. They can be distracting at the opening.
  • The opening statement-the very first statement needs to grab your audience’s attention immediately. Then proceed to outline the goals of the dissertation.

Use our handy formula as you create a strong and easy to understand introduction for you very important piece.