Good Management Dissertation Topics: 20 Unique Ideas

When it comes to management courses, there several topics that are geared towards covering every angle as far as management studies is concerned. If you are getting ready to write your dissertation but not sure of the management topic to write on, this article will serve as a guide even as it helps you make a choice of which aspect of management to base your academic paper on. So, if you are ready, here are 20 unique ideas that would make good management academic paper towards the award of your doctoral degree. They are as follows:

  • Understanding the relationship between employee retention and good management.
  • A look at strategies towards effective entrepreneurial management of a family-owned business.
  • A critical analysis of certain customer relationship management systems in the finance sector
  • Mining management – Organizational behaviours to adapt to
  • The impact of involving stakeholders in management of certain organizations
  • Effective management models – An analysis of the hospitality sector
  • Effective strategies towards proper management of various work patterns
  • Understanding stochastic modelling as it relates to fleet management
  • Unique fleet management strategies towards minimizing port incurring fees
  • Turning around an organization’s performances for maximum profitability- What new management should know
  • A comparison of management performances – Mobil and Texaco as case studies
  • Swapping of senior management positions – What are the impacts towards development of an organization?
  • Understanding the impact of utilizing internal and external leaders in the management of an organization
  • A significant drop in employee performances – Strategies for reforming the organization
  • Identification of key leaders in an organization – The most effective criteria
  • Travails of a sinking organization – Helpful strategies for bringing a firm back on its feet
  • Strategies for proper management of transport lines during hike in fuel prices
  • Development of future leaders for a firm – What strategies are best?
  • The aftermath of a merger – A look at best strategies for effective leveraging of existing leadership
  • Effective integration of businesses after a merger – What management ought to know

With the above listed topics, it would not be an issue any more to choose a topic for your management dissertation. With a particular topic chosen, the next thing to be concerned with is generating enough reliable data towards writing the project. While you can get materials from the library, you can also search the internet for reliable journals and publications.