20 Excellent Ideas For Your Dissertation On Marketing

It’s hard to imagine how the modern world would function without marketing. Marketing is a term used to describe all management processes linking the producer and the consumer. It studies customer needs and makes sure the production responds to current market demands. In other words, it helps keep both the manufacturer and the customer happy.

Marketing as an Academic Discipline

With that said, there is no wonder that so many college students decide to major in marketing. This area offers a wide range of career opportunities, such as marketing specialist, advertising specialist, PR manager, business consultant and others. However, studying marketing is not easy because this industry is constantly developing. Sometimes, writing a decent dissertation on marketing can be a burden even for the best students.

How to Choose a Perfect Thesis Topic

The first thing to consider when writing a dissertation in marketing is the topic of the thesis. On the one hand, the area of marketing offers a majority of interesting questions to resolve and captivating ideas to develop. On the other hand though, the area of marketing is such a vast one that it looks like an abyss filled with all sorts of market strategies, approaches and calculations. Which one would be the best choice for a dissertation?

The answer is quite simple: the most practical one. Of course, a thesis is usually a theoretical research paper. However, if it provides some findings which can be later used by some businesses or some strategies which can lead to success, then it is really worth the time it took to write it.

Here is a list of 20 great ideas for a flawless dissertation in marketing:

  1. The impact of unfair business strategies on the customers’ intentions.
  2. Pharmaceutical marketing in perspective.
  3. Agricultural marketing: problems and perspectives.
  4. The most current trends in educational marketing.
  5. Real estate property marketing: problems, strategies, perspectives.
  6. Motivation as a marketing strategy.
  7. Promotion as a marketing strategy.
  8. Brand marketing: effectiveness strategies and perspectives.
  9. Analysis of popular brands’ marketing communication campaigns.
  10. The keys to customer loyalty.
  11. The marketing environment and consumer choice.
  12. Green marketing and corporate social responsibility.
  13. The impact of social networks on marketing industry.
  14. Online marketing: problems, strategies, perspectives.
  15. International marketing: problems, strategies, perspectives.
  16. Marketing in today’s business world.
  17. Marketing communication: strategies and perspectives.
  18. The social media as a marketing tool.
  19. Marketing and consumer ethics.
  20. Analysis of the most notorious marketing failures of popular brands.