A List Of 15 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics On Tourism And Hotel Industry

A good dissertation topic needs to be one that holds the interest of the reader right from the time the title has been read. Therefore, the essay topics should be not only informative but also current and relevant. Such freelance thesis should be on topics that the student not only is interested in but also will be able to find a lot of material on so that he or she can do their homework and in-depth research. This is for a term paper or even a homework assignment.

A good freelance research topic is one that is neither too general nor should it cater to a very select and niche clientele due to specific terms. Here are some 15 topics on tourism and the hotel industry.

Eco-tourism essay topics grab the attention of those who are interested in social concerns as well as the ecology and its issues. These topics focus on how tourism can flourish without the planet or its resources being harmed.

    Dissertation essay topics which can be carried out are:

  1. What is the attitude and perception of ecotourism when it comes to Mexico for American Tourists
  2. What factors affect ecotourism
  3. How does integrated marketing communication benefit ecotourism in the UK

  4. Dark tourism or grief tourism thesis deals with sites which are visited primarily as these sites are associated with suffering and grief. Some topics for these sites are:

  5. How does visiting the site of death and suffering benefit local communities socially and commercially
  6. How are marketing communication tools used to promote the infamous dark tourism sites
  7. Are these man-made dark tourism sites more popular than natural disaster sites?

  8. With regards the hotel industry, the various topics which can be chosen are:

  9. How are leisure hotels chosen by customers for their overseas holidays
  10. Does the brand matter when it comes to leisure hotels
  11. What are the factors considered when choosing a leisure hotel brand

  12. With regards the tourism industry, the topics are:

  13. On what factors do tourists choose their tourist destinations for a summer holiday
  14. Do tourists prefer overseas tourism over domestic tourism
  15. What are the effects of wars and infighting regarding the tourism industry

  16. With regards medical tourism or travelling for medical reasons:

  17. How are medical tour packages chosen for sex reassignment
  18. What factors affect dental makeover tour packages
  19. How do females make decisions regarding body contour tour packages to Malaysia

There are so much more topics that are relevant and can be chosen.