Winning Dissertation Topics On History Of Belarus

Composing a dissertation can be a challenging task, but the rewards are often just as great. Most researchers try to focus on topics of significance, or importance to society and the world as a whole, sometimes, despite complete lack of interest from the rest of the world. Through these papers, and all the work that they require to be constructed, the world has learned many important facts that have served humanity, both good and bad.

Belarus is a land locked country, located in eastern Europe, bordered by Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, with the city of Minsk as its capital. Its primary industries are service and manufacturing, with over 40 % of its land area covered in forest. Having declared its independence in 1917, after the Russian revolution and not long after, in the year 1919, Belarus lost over half its territory to Poland, after the Poland-Soviet war. The following is a list of winning dissertation topics on the history of Belarus:

  1. In the year of 2011, due to serious economic downfall, Belarus requested a rescue package from the international Monetary fund, was this the only option for the country at that time?
  2. By introducing a new currency, Belarus hopes to fight the current inflation taking place in the country. What do you propose as the best course of action to fight against the current inflation crisis?
  3. Switching over to Russian currency was considered by the Belarusian government in an attempt to stabilize their economy, Why was this considered a viable course of action and why did they subsequently change their minds ?
  4. What factors can be attributed to the seemingly high rate of employment present in Belarus, despite the countries weak economic status?
  5. Why did the government of Belarus seemingly opt to lose its EU Generalized system of preferences by neglecting to protect labor rights?
  6. Despite it high GDP as a recovering state of the soviet, Belarus still experienced high rates of inflation. What can be attributed as the main reason for this?
  7. Propose an economic structure that details Belarus managing its own resources so they would not have to rely on imports.
  8. How does conscription affect the power of the Belarusian military capabilities?
  9. Why do CIS members question the effectiveness of the organization?
  10. Why do western cultures consider the leadership style present on Belarus to be a dictatorship?
  11. How would your rate the Belarusian government in terms of corruption?
  12. How would you perceive the actions of President of Belarus, Lukashenko, when he extended his term in office?