A Brief Tutorial On How To Select A Biochemistry Dissertation Topic

It is time for you to select a biochemistry dissertation topic but so far, it has been very hectic for you. One of the things that are bothering you is the fact that the choice of topic you make would determine how good your project would turn out and you really don’t want anything to go wrong. It is quite understandable because after years of hard work, it would be disheartening that a wrong choice of topic would be jeopardizing your chances of graduating with impressive scores. In order to avoid this nightmare, you should know and understand certain basics when it comes to choosing topics for academic papers.

To help you make this process of selecting a biochemistry dissertation topic, here are some tips you should take into consideration. They are as follows:

  • Go For Relevant Topic: Before you decide to settle for a given topic, you should ask yourself, “is the intended topic relevant enough?” If you don’t have a definite answer to this question, it simply means you have not chosen a topic you are sure of but if your answer is a big YES, then you have successfully scaled through the first hurdle.
  • It Should Be Interesting: It is true that you are writing towards making a good impression on the academic committee and your supervisor as well but even at this, you should also write to impress yourself. For this reason, it is important that you choose a topic you find interesting. If you do otherwise, it would be difficult for you to be motivated enough to start and finish your project.
  • The Topic Should Be Manageable: One way to be very sure of this is to narrow down your choice of topic. Avoid going for very broad topic as it would require a lot of researches which you might end up not being able to cope with. It would be better to stay within the scope of work you can manage and retain your self confidence than feel lost and overwhelmed trying to aim for a level of writing that is beyond your skill set.
  • Go For Something Familiar: Having passed through several classes in biochemistry, there are definitely topics you are more familiar with than others. Let this be another deciding factor when you select the topic for your biochemistry dissertation. Working on something you already have knowledge of is easier than working on something that is completely alien to you.