A List Of Up-To-Date Dissertation Writing Ideas On Criminal Law

If you are a student pursuing law degree, then you have to come up with new ideas on various specialties of law, among them criminal law. You will also have to undertake research work and come up with dissertation. Selecting inspirational topic is one of the most important, and highly challenging tasks.

If you do not choose the right topic, then you will not be able to come up with interesting dissertation. Although there are many topics in criminal law that you can write on, you need to ensure that you select one that is interesting to you, and is such that you can develop high quality content.

The following is a list of up-to-date dissertation writing ideas on criminal law.

Public international law

Criminal law is very wide and you can choose to research about any topic on international criminal law, such as the role of individuals and nations on international terrorism. You may also focus on rape and consent, Samaritan laws, and the ethical issues in defending of criminals by lawyers. You can also research about the controversial issues of the International Criminal Court, its challenges, weaknesses, success, and suggestions for improvement. You can also discuss issues of criminal law liabilities by armed forces of world powers, or by leaders across the world and how the United Nations and other international bodies can enforce it.

Differences between criminal law in civil and common law jurisdictions

In this topics, you can focus on identifying the differences of criminal in the two major jurisdictions, common law and civil law. For example, while common law emphasize the presumption of innocence, civil law allows punishment in certain instances, especially where one is caught in the act. Some people also claim that criminal law in common law jurisdictions is unduly skewed in favor of the accused. There are simply many issues you can explore in exploring the differences between the criminal law principles in common law and civil jurisdictions.

Criminal law defenses in the 21st century:

There are many defenses to criminal liability, such as intoxication, mistake of fact, and alibi among others. Some of these defenses have been challenged by lawyers in many jurisdictions because it is felt that most of them cannot apply in the 21st century. What are your views as a criminal law student? Are these defenses reasonable? Should they be applied as they have traditionally existed? These are just some few of the many issues that you can explore.