How Do I Write A Dedication To My Parents In A Dissertation?

A dissertation is one of the most critical academic papers for most of the students because their final degree depends upon it. Some students are comfortable writing such projects because they have done it before in graduation and would do it again for a masters or doctorate degree. However, if you are writing a thesis for the first time in your life, then you have to be careful. At graduation level, you are not expected to come up with innovative ideas or think like a scholar. Your teachers understand your capabilities and grade you according to that. However, when you promote to advanced level degrees like doctorate and further, you are expected to write original work based on purely your own ideas. You cannot take an idea or inspiration from someone without giving them the credit for it in your paper. This is even possible for situations where you have to support your stance with other references. You cannot simply base the entire work on someone’s ideas.

  • What is a dedication?
  • A dedication or acknowledgement is a small section in your dissertation. Students should keep in mind that each section in their paper needs to be perfect no matter how small it is. If you make a mistake in smaller and simpler sections, then you lose all your impression leading your audience to think that you would have messed up the complicated sections of the paper real bad. If you are to write an acknowledgement for your assignment, then you should consider asking your professor about it.

  • Asking your professor
  • Your professor or instructor can guide you better on where and how to include an acknowledgement and whether or not you should include in your paper. An acknowledgment is simply a way of showing how grateful you are to certain people or institutes for making this paper happen by inspiring or helping you in any manner. Some students even give this acknowledgement to their institute and supervisors who helped them complete the paper.

  • Dedication to your parents
  • Your parents may be the motivation or inspiration for you to write this project because wherever you have reached your career today, it is because of them. They sacrifice their priorities and make efforts for you to be here today. So go ahead and include their names along with their titles and dedicate your work to them.