A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Ideas In Religious Studies

Since the start of the academia, scholars have written a lot on religion. In fact, the oldest sets of written literature available on the earth today are believed to be religious in nature. This makes religion one of the oldest subjects of the world. And this is something that needs to be documented right at the start of any paper on religious, whether it is of an academic nature or not. There are several others ways in which you may go about the rest of the paper.

Selection of topic

A dissertation on religious studies could look like several things that need to be planned in advance. There are some sections where you will have to look and the selection of topic assumes paramount priority. To help yourself, it will be wise to start by reading through some select topics on the subject. Here are some topics that will do you good when writing the paper.

Impressive dissertation ideas on religion

  • The religions of the east and the west: How are they generally different?
  • Space out the Abrahamic religions from one another in a general context
  • The basic principles of the religious faiths in east and west: hold a miniature compare and contrast
  • Is ‘faith’ a western concept as a whole? Compare and contrast the theories of faith and karma
  • The conflict of religions in Sudan: what are the implications?
  • Is homogeneity in religion a solution to troubles: Sample the situation in the Middle East?
  • Is it true that the Religions are the opium of the modern populace of the world?
  • How true is it that the Dark Ages and Crusade is the darkest spot in the history of religion?
  • Which religion according to you is most violent currently? State out the causes
  • How would you react to organized and funded conversion of religion? Is it ethical?
  • Should be Message of God be carried out by luring people with money? Is such a message the Message of Satan?
  • The modern Egyptian religion practices compared to the religious practices of the time before the dynasty
  • Discuss the prospects of Atheism evolving as a new religion of the world
  • Discuss Ireland as a place where two sects of Christianity have been living in peace for a while now
  • How is modern day religion influenced by the ancient knowledge of Indian seers and sages?
  • How did Hinduism react to the Islamic invasion of India in the Middle Ages?