Creating A Cover Page For A Dissertation In Social Science Without Mistakes

Social science is an admixture of several subjects as long as they connect to humans and interactions. In this sense, it can be referred to as science of interaction and emotions. Several activities have a way of taking shape and take a norm; but sudden insertions may disturb its fabric.

A credible example

Take the example of marriage which is sacred in its fineness. However, the coming up of live-in relationships and contract marriages have depreciated its value considerably. There are other ways in which other social precepts are hampered or emboldened.

Now, when you have to write a dissertation on social science, you will have to encroach on the mental frame and propriety of society; the repercussions and also the general behavior. The first page is the title or cover page and clearly, you cannot err on that count.

Adopt a format

The first thing you do is adopt a format. APA is the preferred format but in the end, you will have to listen to the instructor and do what he says. Let’s take the example of APA formatting.

  • Here, you begin with a running head, writing the two words in all caps followed by a colon and then the title in all caps.
  • You then move to the middle of the page where you mention the title. Here, it is written in small letters with initial letters in caps. You follow it with the name of the subject; the degree and the fact that you have followed APA. You write your name in the next line and the University in the subsequent line. That more or less covers it.
  • In other formats, you also have to mention the professor’s name and the year of submission. Generally, Times New Roman is the font and 12 pts is the size. Remember that the page is otherwise all blank and the mentions are all in middle alignment.

More labor in the way

Of course, the cover page is just the initiation and you can take the easy way of copying the template of a sample paper. What will take most of your time here is the streamlining of resources and conduction of methods. You will have to carry due surveys and indulge a number of respondents.

It is necessary to keep the energy level constant when you write a dissertation on social science. Take due care when you are handling a sensitive topical theme, say, female feticide.