What Are Some Good Thesis Topics: The 20 Best Ideas

Okay, so it is time to get your teeth stuck into your thesis. This is as big as it gets in terms of your academic studies, and you want to make sure that the idea that you put forward is not only interesting but watertight. Nobody wants to look like a fool, do they? You might have several ideas floating around in your head but be struggling to consolidate them. Because I understand that lots of students struggle with this core element of their studies, I have drawn up a list of the 20 best ideas to help you get started:

  1. Why not vaccinating your children against measles, mumps and rubella is a form of neglect.
  2. Why having your dog neutered IS a form of abuse. Or why not having your dog neutered is a form of abuse.
  3. Why microchipping the entire population would prevent acts of terrorism/why microchipping the entire population would be a violation of human rights.
  4. Why if people leave the country voluntarily to travel to countries like Syria, their passports and citizenship should be revoked. (For ALL travelers not just foreign nationals) OR Why leaving someone stateless contravenes international law.
  5. Why organ donation should be made compulsory.
  6. Why savior children should be appointed a legal representative at birth to ensure their rights and wishes are respected as they grow older.
  7. Why the cloning of humans would be good for society.
  8. Why the unemployed should actively be encouraged to take up work in other areas of the country where there is an abundance of work. OR why adopting a policy of this nature is dangerous as it uproots communities.
  9. Why sperm donors should NOT be given the right to anonymity OR why sperm donors right to anonymity should be protected by law.
  10. When is it justifiable for our intelligence services to tap the communications of leaders of friendly nations OR why it is never acceptable for our security services to do this
  11. Why those who refuse to eat a healthy diet should be denied healthcare.
  12. Why the government should have a budget for space exploration even if that means not being able to offer international aid to countries that need assistance.
  13. Why it is time, Shakespeare was removed from the curriculum in favor of modern day playwrights.
  14. Why it should be illegal for minors to wear cosmetics.
  15. Why all women short-lists in business should be illegal.
  16. Why children should be allowed to work from the age of ten.
  17. Why dogs are superior to cats.
  18. Why all bodies should be offered up to medical research after death.
  19. Why schools should be forced to teach alternative lifestyles to kids
  20. Why practicing religion should be outlawed.