A Complete Guide On How To Make Citations In An APA Dissertation

By now you are supposed to have probably learned a thing or two about how to cite sources in your paper through the APA format. In case this has not happened yet, you are certainly lagging behind. There are some useful points that you need to learn, useful things that will help you present a rather strong case of your own. This is something that will help you not only get through this task, but also help you get through so much more in the near future.

When it comes to the kind of work you want to write, especially in the APA format, there are lots of things that you can learn about. It is important that you take note of this particular citation format because in the long run, you will get to use it a lot, a lot more than any other format in the educational cycle.

The following is a simple guide that should help you get a number of points right, so that you never have to struggle when you are given a task to present in the APA format:

  1. Make use of good sample papers
  2. Choose sources that are not outdated
  3. Use the surnames only
  4. Alphabetical listing of sources
  • Make use of good sample papers
  • In as much as a lot of students barely ever consider using some of these papers, you have to understand that it will actually be one of the best decisions you have ever made. These papers can show you firsthand how to write your paper and format it in the APA format.

  • Choose sources that are not outdated
  • This is a challenge that so many students face. Unless you are allowed to do so, try not to use sources in your paper that are too old to make your work relevant at all.

  • Use the surnames only
  • It is a simple rule in formatting your paper that the names of the author must be cited only for the surnames, and not the rest of the other names. Anything other than this will be a gross mistake that will cost you good grades.

  • Alphabetical listing of sources
  • Once you are through with the task at hand, you can proceed to the references chapter and make sure you have the sources listed alphabetically. Do not make the mistake of doing anything else.